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About us


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Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk (Church of Our Lady)(Syriac: ܥܕܬܐ ܕܝܠܕܬ ܐܠܗܐ , Ito dyoldath Aloho) is a Syriac Orthodox church in the centre of Amsterdam. The church is used both by the Syriac Orthodox community and the Roman Catholic of Opus Dei. Emphasis is placed on the hearing of confessions and of choral liturgy. The building has the Dutch status of a Rijksmonument.


The church was founded in 1854 by the Redemptorist Fathers and was designed by architect Theo Molkenboer. In 1985 the Redemptorists left the church due to the lack of redemptorist priests. The church was acquired by the Syriac Orthodox Church in the Netherlands and the parish was renamed to Moeder Godskerk (Church of the Mother of God). However, the church never closed its doors for the Roman and Surinam Catholic believers.


Syriac Orthodox

  • Saturday:
    • 16.30 Vespers
  • Sunday:
    • 8.45 High Mass


  • Sunday:
    • 18.00 Vigil Eucharist (Saturday evening) English with Gregorian chant.
    • 11.15 High Mass with Gregorian choir, translation of the readings is available online.
    • 12.00 Eucharist for Italian Community in the Chapel nr. 218B-Except in summer, check web
    • 13.00 Eucharist for the Surinam Community
    • 18.00 Mass in English - Families with little children are welcome
  • Monday-Friday:
    • 12.15 Eucharist in the Chapel (entrance 218B)
    • 19.30 Eucharist in the chapel
  • Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:
    • 11.00-12.15 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
  • every week from Tuesday and Thursday 13.00 until Saturday at 07.00 also during the night Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament'

Confession: half an hour before the daily masses a priest is available for confessions. Also during the High Mass on Sunday of 11.15 and 18.00. It is possible to make an appointment as well.