Palm Sunday News

Dear parishioners,

this news is just let you know that next Sunday at 18.00 h we shall have an international TV network present during the ceremony of Palm Sunday.

All goes on as was planned: children do the readins and the bidding prayers. There will be procession of Palms.

See below:

I hope this email finds you well. My name is Anthony Johnson and I am a news and travel videographer at EWTN Vatican. We shall be shooting a catholic travel series in Amsterdam this weekend to be published on our new platform, EWTN Travel (, and would very much like to the include the Church of Our Lady. 

We would like to make a request to film this Sunday, April 10th, at the 18:00 Mass in English at the Church of Our Lady. Our team would consist of 2-4 people with two cameras, one mounted on a tripod and the other on a gimbal. We would arrive at 17:00 to set up and shoot some details of the church.

The orthodox community is aware of this and agrees.


Wishing you all a beautiful week,


Fr Rafael